The Patricia Hotel

patriciahotelIn 1910, when the foundation for the Patricia Hotel and Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse was first poured, Vancouver was a burgeoning city, rich with promise and opportunity. In 1914 when the hotel and pub were both in their first year, through to the early 1920’s, Strathcona was the cultural and economic hub of this growing city. People from all over the city would make their way to Strathcona for live theatre and music, restaurants and pubs. It is here, at the very centre of it all, where the Patricia Hotel and Pat’s Pub, then called the Patricia Café, became established within the community.

Run by Will Bowman, the Patricia Café quickly became known as one of Vancouver’s jazz hotspots. In fact, some of the musicians who played at the Patricia Café were highly influential in the transition between ragtime and jazz piano styles. Most notable of these is Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton who at the age of 28 made Vancouver his home between 1919 and 1921. During this time “Jelly Roll” Morton performed in the Patricia Café and roomed upstairs in the Patricia Hotel.

In time, central downtown shifted further west, making Strathcona peripheral to the core of the city and peripheral to much of the city’s activity. What was left behind was a rich history and cultural diversity that to this day makes Strathcona a unique and dynamic community. It is the sense of community that exists here that we at the Patricia Hotel and Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse are so proud to be a part of and are keen to preserve, cultivate and promote. For over a decade, Pat’s Pub has been supporting local musicians and recently has been focused on rejuvenating the city’s jazz movement.

Now, on any given Saturday afternoon, some of the city’s most notable jazz musicians can be seen and heard, performing in front of a hearty crowd. Weekend performances are also complimented by mid-week evenings that feature the talents of young novice musicians alongside professional piano players and blues musicians.

Although Strathcona is no longer the geographical core of the city, it is our hope that with our continued efforts, along with those of neighbours and newcomers alike, our community will once again be the cultural centre of Vancouver.

The hotel and pub have a rich history in this community and it is our desire to write ourselves into Strathcona’s present story through our continued efforts to support live, local music.

Lindsay Nelson
Patricia Hotel

Our creative interests

The Patricia Hotel is 100 this year. The “Pat” has been a 30 year journey for our family as we have pursued our sense of community within Strathcona. That sense of community has been fostered within the hotel and the hotel’s pub. For many years Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse has played host to local bands and groups of all kinds and provided a warm and cozy room for the neighbourhood to gather in.

In recent years, Pat’s Pub has focused its attention on jazz, both in recognition of the incredible talent that currently exists in Vancouver, and as a nod to jazz legend Ferdinand “Jelly Roll Morton” who lived and played at the hotel and pub in the 1920’s. In recognizing the Patricia Hotel’s 100th birthday and its rich history and contribution to our heritage, the hotel’s owner and family are dedicated to supporting the city’s jazz community and to promoting and enhancing the traditions of jazz.

Since opening in the early 1900’s, The Patricia Hotel and Pat’s Pub have been primarily family owned. These families have always proved to be focused on community involvement and this is a tradition that we whole-heartedly wish to continue. Strathcona is a neighborhood rich with history and diversity. From within that diversity comes a musical and artistic talent the neighbourhood is justifiably proud of and we would like to be a part of fostering and promoting it.

We see a need to provide opportunities for young, up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent within their community, for the seasoned to play and enjoy, and for both to have a place to coincide. As Pat’s Pub & BrewHouse has such a rich musical history and we are dedicated to perpetuating our neighbourhood’s cultural growth, we see Pat’s as an ideal center for jazz and art within Strathcona and within the city as a whole.

Wayne Nelson
Hotel Proprietor