Jazz at Roedde House Jazz at Lincoln Centre How to get live music happening in venue-starved parts of the city? It’s an old question, and Kevin Mooney has an imaginative answer. He’s putting on a series of concerts in Vancouver’s firehalls. “The music will be very eclectic–everything from blues and traditional folk to mainstream jazz and pop,” said Mooney, director of the Neighbourhood Fire Hall Concert series. “We’ll also have quite a lot of shows specially for kids.” The inaugural event will be at Firehall #9, 1805 Victoria Drive, on November 17, featuring the stellar world-music trio of Celso Machado, Sal Ferreras, and John Reischman. Proceeds from the concerts will go to the British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. From – Get the lowdown on Vancouver’s music scene Georgia Straight, October 17, 2007  Black Strathcona Black Strathcona is an example of locative art, a fascinating infusion of up-to-the-minute technology and the oral tradition, of documentary film and hands-on experience. It encourages you to interact with the neighbourhood, – to walk around and not only see the story locations and go “Gee, this is changing,” and “Gosh, this is being knocked down,” or “This should be saved” says filmmaker Gordon … Continue reading Studio